Hey there. I TOTALLY agree with your li'l baby Dexter/Hannah rant. That's the number one reason I really couldn't jive with them as a couple. It was as if he had never loved before and we KNOW that he has, and even HE is beginning to figure out that he has, and it's like... sure, now he gets the opportunity to experience some kind of infatuation, I suppose. But. It all came across as contrived, to me. :c

RIGHT? he’s admitted to loving rita several times now. he knew what love felt like before hannah. 

i mean, i can understand the appeal of dexter and hannah. i even ship them to an extent, but i agree. the whole thing seemed really abrupt. michael and yvonne have great chemistry, but i just didn’t completely feel it. 

and i hate how he’s all ~SHE’S THE ONE~ she isn’t like lila in this way or lumen in this way or rita in this way

well guess what honey

she tried to kill deb

so i guess there is no such thing as ~the perfect woman~

NOT THAT I DON’T LOVE HANNAH, BECAUSE I DO. i enjoyed her character, and yvonne was fab. if they would have gone about it a little differently, i probably would have been more on board with it. there was just a lot of sloppy writing.

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